“Ruby” may be synonymous with red but it is the birthstone of January, the garnet, which really takes the cake, when it comes to red gemstone. These rich red stones take their name from the Latin granatum, meaning “seed,” a reference to the similarity of the garnet to the pomegranate fruit’s deep red arils, and have been common in jewelry since ancient Roman times.

If you want to get into a bit of garnet jewelry, here is our top choice for this year’s most beautiful garnet jewelry.

Pearl earrings with ruby gemstone attached to them. Gold pieces holding them together

Pomme Pearl Drop Earrings


The classic blend of perls and garnets is revamped in a modern way with abstract bronze images.

January's 5 Perfect Garnet Birthstone Jewelry 1

Red Garnet & Diamond Moon Star Charm Beaded Bracelet

Sydney Evan

Consider this diamond-carried bracelet made of grill beads for a glamorous look you can wear every day.

January's 5 Perfect Garnet Birthstone Jewelry 2

18K Rose Gold, Garnet And Sapphire Ring

Rosa de la Cruz

Crafted in luminous faceted garnet, this beaded bracelet showcases two diamond-studded charms, a yellow gold crescent moon and a white gold star.

January's 5 Perfect Garnet Birthstone Jewelry 3

Marquetry 18-karat Gold and Wood Multi-stone Earrings

Silvia Furmanovich

The eye catching earrings are a great color burst on an understated ensemble, made of quartz, garnets and brown diamonds.

January's 5 Perfect Garnet Birthstone Jewelry 4

Oval Garnet Inside-Out Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver


Add a fun splash of color to your attire with these inside-out gemstone hoop earrings.

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