This is the season of marriage, and you know what it means dear brides — you are going to see the new engagement rings emerging in full force on your feeds in Instagram. And what has to be given by the new ring crop? We are plunging deep into the ring patterns of the top engagement for 2020. Whether you’ve already picked out the ring of your dreams (counting down hints), or you and your partner are just beginning to talk about what that bling could look like — you’ll want to be familiar with all the latest ring trends of engagement before you take that crucial #BridesRings selfie. In time for engagement season, we have completed some of our favorite designers of Jewelry to chat about all things engagement rings. We will not tell anyone, get ready to pin this exclusive Pinterest page.

Yellow Gold

The Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 - Things You Need to Know 1

“I think we’ll see a strong comeback of yellow gold,” Stephanie Gottlieb told us. “I hope we will see a strong comeback of yellow gold.” We see many glittering gold there, and the once black metal (we are responsible for Carrie Bradshaw) will return dramatically to the hands of the prettier brides.

As the younger Millennials and Gen Zs come to tie the knot first, we will see a change in openness and sustainability in the engagement rings.


The Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 - Things You Need to Know 2

“In 2020, the younger Millennials are going to see a shift in the direction of openness and sustainability as the first Gen Zs, Vanessa Stofenmacher, founding VRAI and artistic director is planning for the knot.” Young customers now want to match their individual values with the brands they are patronizing, and the chance to say a straightforward tale about where and how their ring is insane.

Next year’s success will be emerald, black diamonds, rare diamonds and non-traditional shapes like open rings.

Unique, Unique, Unique

The Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 - Things You Need to Know 3

Most of the designers we interviewed bet on their brides who want something unique and who break with tradition. “I think customers will continue to search for odd rings in 2020,” said Baylee Zwart of AZLEE.

Over the years we have seen the rise of diamond-alternative gemstones for rings, but experts agree that the year 2020 will see all the difference. Bleecker and Prince Creative Directors Leehe Segal: “Emerald, black diamonds, special diamonds and non-training forms like open rings will be a success next year.

Bands that Stand Out

The Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 - Things You Need to Know 4

Even when brides want to preserve a classic diamond shape, they want something out of the ordinary. Katherine Kim, the owner of KATKIM Fine Jewelry, says that “we have seen an increasing demands for a single band over a solitaire engagement ring. “Clients tend to love the fact that an announcing group is more untraditional for them.”

Multiple Stones

The Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 - Things You Need to Know 5

Thanks to Meghan Markle, the three-stone engagement ring is increasing in popularity and brides will want to get even more diamonds in 2020. “Three and five stone rings are famous for engagement rings” says designer Ashley Zhang.”[ The ring of our Quinn] is diamond-shaped around our fingers, and looks great with bands of marriage.”

Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 - Things You Need to Know 6

It is perhaps Downton Abbey’s return, but brides are also searching for retro inspiration in diamond slicing. The asscher cut was an essential element of the Art Deco period but it could look extremely modern when put on a delicate or straightforward band.” “Asscher cut diamonds are becoming more common.

A Dramatic Stone

The Engagement Ring Trends for 2020 - Things You Need to Know 7

The pear and marquise diamonds are another diamond cut whose famous is skyscrapers. “For rocks, pear and marquise diamonds are becoming increasingly important as the core of the stone and also as the accents used in bands,” agrees Grace Lee. “It is often the first place most people start when you find the perfect ring for their partners,” says Toni Zehrer, SVP & Chie.

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