Titanium has proven track record as a robust metal, with a solid foundation in the electronics and aerospace industries. For hypoallergenic advantages, men’s and women’s titanium earrings and rings are 99 percent pure and nickel free.

Blue Nile titanium is colored gray-white, and is easy to polish throughout the earring’s life. Titanium is an incredible fusion of lightweight strength that doesn’t tarnish and is resistant to corrosion. Because titanium is incredibly light, it is easy to wear and perfect for the active lifestyle.

Titanium Short History

Titanium is a lightweight, lustrous gray metal that was popularized in the 1990s for jewelry, especially rings, with low density, great strength and high durability.

It was discovered by William Gregor at Cornwall in 1791, and according to Greek mythology, Martin Heinrich Klaproth named his find after the Titans, the earth’s first daughters. It wasn’t until 1910, though, that pure titanium was manufactured, and Kroll proved in 1946 that pure titanium was commercially producible.

Titanium Jewelry Durability

As solid as steel but lighter by 45 percent, it is twice as strong as aluminum, though 60 percent stronger. Titanium is unique among metals for the best resistance-to-density ratio for this reason. It is therefore particularly brilliant to produce everyday jewellery such as wedding bands and engagement rings.

Nevertheless, owing to its hardness, the processes used to manufacture titanium differ slightly from those used for the more common precious metals such as gold and silver, and are closer to the techniques used for stainless steel instead. Because technology has evolved, a wider range of titanium ring-styles are now available, many inlaid with sparkling diamonds or gemstones. While Titanium is not sufficiently maleable to put in a claw or prong environment, it is the perfect choice for a smooth, clear and powerful ring. It won’t lose its form, just keep in mind that it’s more difficult to cut and resize, so just make sure it’s an acceptable and convenient fit before you buy!

Often known for its high corrosion resistance and hardness, it is especially resistant to any damaging effects from seawater and chlorine, making it useful to those who are preparing to wear their jewellery on the beach or in the pool. Titanium gains don’t stop there! Since it’s not filled with chemicals that irritate the eyes, many can wear it safely without risk of allergic reactions.

Titanium Earring Care

Because titanium is a natural element, the harsh chemicals like chlorine or other cleaning products can damage it. When using cleaners, we suggest you wash the jewelry to reduce frequent abrasions and extend the shine. Use a warm water solution and detergent-free soap with a soft cloth to disinfect titanium jewellery. Store your titanium pieces in soft cloth bags or the original box when not worn, to protect them from daily exposure elements.

Titanium Earrings are Suitable for Both New and Healed Piercings.

Most titanium jewelry are Medical Grade Titanium 6Al-4VEli ASTM:F-136. Titanium’s nickel content is less than 0.05 percent by mass, making titanium suitable for modern piercings, problematic piercings and nickel prone ones. Titanium is bio-compatible and is extensively used for implants by British and American medical associations because of its total resistance to body fluid attacks. Titanium body jewelry is anodized using a process of electrolysis that allows the production of an incredible range of eye-catching colors.

Taking into account that titanium is extremely lightweight, scratch-resistant, highly polished and very durable (three times stronger than steel), it is no wonder that titanium is considered suitable for use in body piercing jewellery production.

Titanium Earrings – Where to Buy Them

TeNo Titanium

TeNo Titanium Earrings
Matte Finish Titanium Wide Creole Hoop Earrings with 2 lines of Resin Inlay

The advanced titanium jewellery of TeNo Titanium is like no other. The finish is superior, and a clean and attractive look. They introduce up to 18kt titanium. Yellow and Red Gold, and blend with their fine jewelry of Silver and Platinum. The results are breathtaking.

TeNo Stainless Steel & TeNo Titanium are both manufactured in Pforzheim, Germany and are pure stainless steel and hypo-allergenic titanium, completely nickel-free.


Pendant Grand Bezel Crystal Titanium Earrings
Medical-grade titanium. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, and you’ll never get itchy. 

In close collaboration with dermatologists, pediatrists and jewelry designers, Blomdahl works to create a healthy line of beautiful jewelry for infants, children and adults.

Boccia Titanium

Stud Titanium Earrings
Boccia Titanium stud earrings, tulip design. Brushed titanium with polished sides.

The Boccia watch line is the world’s only all-titanium watch line. Boccia watches are both sophisticated and stylish designs made from pure titanium. Since that time Boccia has added jewels to its portfolio for a well-rounded balanced line-up.

What does’ pure titanium’ mean?

The world’s only 100 per cent all-pure titanium watch line is Boccia Titanium. Pure titanium does not contain nickel or other skin-hardening metals. Pure titanium is hypo-allergenic and those with allergies of metals will wear pure titanium jewelry without any issue.

Even though they are specialized in watches, they produce wide ranges of titanium earrings.

Ti2 Titanium – Prism Design

Titanium Earrings with Colorful Wave Pattern
Colourful Wave Pattern Plectrum Titanium Earrings by Ti2 Titanium

Their policy is to handcraft each item of titanium jewelry specifically to order from our premises in the historic town of Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, UK. Their team of designers and skilled jewelry makers crafts each piece for you individually.

As titanium experts they endeavor to offer a wide selection of designs using this unique special metal. They offer rings, earrings, pendants, bangles, cufflinks, necklaces, stud earrings, chains etc. Service with integrity, commitment to quality and innovation in design can be guaranteed.


Titanium Earrings with Genuine Swarovski Crystal Studs

You can also browse through hundreds of handmade crafters on Etsy for titanium earrings.

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